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Your search for International Harvester (IH) 3-point hitch parts ends here! We are Redrunrite—Your #1 online source for everything International Harvester. We can provide top quality replacement parts and components, including 3-point hitch parts for IH 806, 1066, and other IH tractor models including 656, 706, 966 1456, 1486, and more. Whether you are looking for hydraulic pumps, hitch arm lock dog/cat II or III,Draw bar stop blocks, crack handles, adjusting screws and housings, control knobs, stabilizer control arm, IH-3-point hitch sway limiter or anything else, we have you covered! Keep your International Harvester tractors up and running with IH 3-point hitch parts offered by Redrunrite!

3-Point Hitch—Probably the most used and abused system on a farm tractor. IH perfected the 3pt hitch draft sensing on their larger tractors 656,706,806,1066,1206,1456,1086,1486 by use of a torsion shaft and tube. The minute flex of the twist of the torsion shaft inside the torsion tube is the secret to the superior draft control of the IH system. IH used this system on their own “FastHitch” system 2PT Hitch on later large versions.

A Brief History of International Harvester 3-Point Hitch System

Though “Fast Hitch” was IH's answer to the 3-point hitch system introduced years before by Harry Ferguson in their Ford-Ferguson tractors, following the immense popularity of the 3-point hitch system, IH discontinued their own two-point hitch system in the 1960s and their later models, such as 404, 504, featured the 3-point system. Customers (farmers), as well as manufacturers, believed that the 3-point hitch system was the best way to attach implements to the tractors—interchangeable and full-featured!

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Redrunrite has been in the business of repairing International Harvester tractors for over 30 years now. We understand the challenges farmers and tractor owners face finding parts of vintage IH models. We can provide you with virtually every IH 3-point hitch part you are looking for. We have done years of extensive research to identify various parts for the classic IH tractors and cataloged them on our website so you can easily find what you need.

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