Types of Brake Systems on Your Vintage International Harvester (IH) Farmall Tractor

Posted by Joe Schmitt on 7th May 2020

One of the most popular general-purpose tractor models, Farmall was manufactured by International Harvester between the 20s and 70s, which are often considered as the golden years of IH.

Most IH Farmall tractors have the brake assembly mounted to the bull pinion shaft, so there’s no need to jack up the tractor or remove the wheels to replace the brakes on most IH tractors. The early letter series Farmalls had a band style brake on a drum that was splined to the bull pinion shaft. With the newer models, IH decided to use multiple discs for the braking systems. Most models made between the 1950s and ’80s had two discs per side. Some were actuated with a mechanical actuating assembly attached to the pedal. Later/larger models were actuated with a hydraulic piston controlled by a brake control valve attached to the brake pedal. The hydraulic-actuated version gave the feel of power brakes and far superior braking force. The last versions that IH used had multiple discs per side, which were bathed in cool, clean oil, pressurized through the steering circuit. Redrunrite offers all the variations of brake bands, discs, seal packs, seal kits, to repair any type of brake on IH Farmall tractors. Visit Redrunite to buy IH tractor brakes in the USA!