Transmission Cover Tool Instructions (86 and 88 Series Tractors)

Posted by Joe Schmitt on 21st Apr 2021

Transmission Cover Tool Instructions (86 and 88 Series Tractors)

Transmission Cover Tool Instructions

(86 and 88 Series Tractors)

First, remove the floor plate, seat pedestal, and shift control quadrant. Move any lines, wires, or hoses away from the top of the range cover. Block the park pawl actuating shaft up, using a 1/2" nut under the pivot yoke. Next remove all the cover mounting bolts. Place the pipe-like tool over the reverse shift shaft boss. Using the 3 set screws, clamp the tool to the cover pin boss. Screw the “T" handle screw of the tool down to the reverse shaft. Continue to turn the "T" handle, thereby lifting the cover. The cover has 2 dowel pins that are pinned into the housing. Once the cover comes up off of those dowel pins, the cover will become looser. Help lift the cover on the park brake side in order to keep it coming up straight off of the reverse shaft.



Continue to fully lift the cover up off of the reverse shaft using the tool. The point of the tool is to raise the cover off of the reverse shaft without raising the reverse shaft at all; if the shaft comes up, it will be pulled out of the reverse shift fork, and the woodruff key that drives the fork will fall out, and then to put it back together the side mounted fuel tank and the side transmission cover will need to be removed.

Installing the Cover

Remove the pipe-like tool from the cover (it is not used to install the cover). With all the detent arms, spring and rollers assembled inside the cover, and the cover gasket in place over the dowel pins (use grease or tacky cement to hold the gasket in place), use the"V" shaped notch of the "L" shaped tool to push against one of the detent roller arms. Push the detent arm with the tool until the round notch of the tool can be hooked over the front LH dowel pin of the cover. The loop end of the tool should up and at the front of the cover. With the tool spring loaded under the cover, place the transmission Hi-Lo shift fork in the neutral position and make sure the Hi-Lo shift lever of the cover is also in the neutral position, then lower the cover down over the reverse shaft until the tool is just about touching the transmission housing. At this point pop the tool off of the dowel pin and remove the tool. If the cover does not go down this far, wiggle the Hi-Lo shift shaft to align the shifting stub into the shift fork. Once the tool is almost touching the housing and is removed, install the cover mounting bolts.

If you need to lift the cover for any reason, be sure to use the lifting tool.

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