Replacing PTO Clutch Packs (656 through 1486)

Posted by Joe Schmitt on 27th Jan 2024

Parts List

  • PTO Test Gauge
  • PTO Clutch Pack
  • Hydraulic Filter
  • PTO Gasket
  • 3rd Link Gasket
  • PTO Pump Gasket


If PTO pressure is around 275 psi, yet it is having trouble engaging, it is very likely that the PTO clutch pack is burnt out. Have no fear, the job is simple enough.

Here is a broad overview of what it takes to replace PTO clutch packs.

1. Drain the oil

2. Pull out the PTO and remember to leave the short bolts in the PTO housing (except for the very bottom one) as these holds the outer housing and intermittent housing together.

3. Remove the pump from the PTO and be sure to clean out the pickup tube of any debris.

4. Remove the clutch pack snap ring along with the old clutches and install new clutches.

5. Because of old clutch pack material floating around, it is advised to change the hydraulic filter.

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