How to replace leaking seals on IH steering hand pump/valve

Posted by Joe Schmitt on 2nd Apr 2023

To replace the steering input shaft seal.  

On 86 and 88series tractors  Remove the hand pump from the tractor. Carefully remove the rubber dust boot and save it. Drive out the roll pin from the input shaft ( be sure to support the shaft so as not to damage the housing or any internal parts). Then remove the shaft seal using a knife or putty knife working it out and discard. Then remove the snap ring and save it. Next rotate the shaft back and forth and there by forcing the internal seals up with the force of trapped oil inside the pump. The steel ring and rubber seal should come up far enough that you can get then out using a pick or pointed knife. Then install the new seal ( lip side down or in ) ,then install the new steel ring ( small side towards new inner seal you just installed ). Then using a steel sleeve or 7/8" deep well socket tap the steel sleeve in far enough to replace the snap ring. Next install the new shaft dust seal, drive the roll pin through the shaft and re install the rubber dust boot.

On all other models only remove the steering wheel.  It is not necessary to remove the pump/valve from the tractor to perform the above procedure.

To replace the rubber seal sleeve all models.   Pump/Valve must be removed from the tractor

To replace the rubber sleeve at the bottom of the hand-pump. Clamp the pump upside down in a vise. Remove the 7 5/16" cap screws . Next carefully remove the steel end plate being careful not to pull up the steel sleeve with the plate. Pay attention to the pin in the center of the plate and the bent thrust washer that rides on the pin. Also note that the pin sets into commutator centering washer. if the washer comes up with the plate replace it back into the commutator ring. Next carefully slide the steel sleeve up off of the rubber sleeve. make sure there is no dirt or other debris where the just removed steel sleeve sat. Clean if necessary. Then slide off the rubber sleeve and replace with the new sleeve. Do not try to wipe any oil off before installing the new sleeve. You can then wipe off any oil or any remaining dirt from the steel sleeve and carefully install it over the new rubber sleeve. The new rubber sleeve should extend 1/8'-3/16" above the steel sleeve. Now set the end plate back on with the center pin in the centering hole in the commutator washer with the bent thrust washer on the pin next to the plate. Install the 7 5/16" bolts and using a criss cross pattern tighten the bolts 1/4 turn each until they draw the end plate down to the steel sleeve , there by crushing the new rubber sleeve the 1/8'- 3/16". While tightening the bolts the last few turns, rotate the input shaft back and forth to help seat the internal parts. Once plate is drawn down to the steel sleeve. Torque the bolts to 19 ft/lbs.. Then re install on the tractor. it will self prime.

NOTE:  When ordering a new sleeve be sure to order a sleeve that measures 1/8"- 3/16" longer than the steel sleeve.

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