Diagnosing TA Problems

Posted by Joe Schmitt on 20th Jan 2021

Diagnosing TA Problems

Diagnosing Your TA

If you’re having trouble with your TA and need to replace it, you can install one of our full TA kits on your own with our help. When you buy your TA from us, I expect to walk you through every stage of the installation process, and I expect to receive 10 or 20 phone calls before the job is done. Keep in mind you’ll need to be capable of removing the center transmission section from your tractor, which means splitting the tractor twice.

But before any of that, the first step is to do a TA pressure test before the tractor is split. The reason for this is because we can diagnose a low pressure issue in your MCV while your tractor is still together. We offer the gauge set up needed for this. Once I know the readings you’re getting, we can determine what is going on with the TA. It may be that the TA is not working because of low pressure, in which case the TA won’t need to be replaced. So it’s important to do this before the tractor is split, because once the tractor is apart we cannot diagnose this.

To install the gauge, remove the ⅞” hex head plug on the bottom of the MCV (or, if a hydraulic assist clutch booster is installed, remove the fitting). Install the TA gauge adapter into that port, which is directly below the MCV safety relief valve. Attach the line and the gauge to the adapter. Next, start the tractor, and get it above 1000 RPMs. The gauge should read 265 - 300 PSI. Shift the TA into the opposite mode, and the gauge should momentarily flicker, but then settle at the same PSI that it was at previously. If the gauge functions as described, and the TA is slipping, most likely the problem is with the TA and the MCV is functioning as it should. Otherwise, if the gauge does not function as described, there's a problem with the MCV (and maybe the TA as well).

If the test shows that the TA needs to be replaced, I'm here to walk you through the entire process. Give me a call if you’re thinking about replacing your TA.


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