PTO Gasket Kit, w/ Heavy Duty Clutch Pack

830488 (single) / 830490 (dual)
$14.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Product Overview

This is a IPTO gasket kit with Heavy Duty Clutch Pack.

You will need to specify single or dual speed when adding to your cart

There is an option at checkout to add some tools you may or may not need:

  • The PTO Test Gauge is used to adjust the PTO pressure.

  • The PTO Clutch Tool is used to compress the big clutch piston return spring and also to compress the brake piston return springs. Without this tool the entire unit needs to be placed in a press twice for disassembly and twice more for assembly. Using this tool you can do all 4 press functions without lifting the unit. Here are the instructions for the process.

Fits IH Tractor models:


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