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PTO Tool
$8.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Product Overview

 This is a New PTO clutch tool for IH tractors 656 through 6788 with a single speed or dual speed PTO unit.
This tool is needed to compress the big clutch piston return spring and also to compress the brake piston return springs. Without this tool the entire unit needs to be placed in a press twice for disassembly and twice more for assembly. Using this tool you can do all 4 press functions without lifting the unit.
The 2 long threaded rods thread into the unit housing in the same holes that the pump mounting bolts use. Using the 2 inner most tapped holes on the tool bar you can easily and safely compress the large clutch piston spring. With the 2 outer most threaded holes in the toolbar you can easily compress the brake piston springs by pushing down on the clutch carrier drum. This tool is made of 1 1/8" round stock so there is plenty of room to remove the snap rings. Some tools are made of flat bar stock and compress the springs fine but there is not much room to remove the snap rings This tool is a must if you're going to repair IH PTO units.
Fits many models, including all IH tractors from 706 through 6788 (except for 5088, 5288, 5488), and also 544 and 656.
Note:   These tools are made by our local machine shops that are very busy. Our supply is determined by their work load

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