Head Studs (Set of 14), IH Diesel: D166 D188 D236 D282 D301

Head Stud Kit
$8.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Product Overview

BACKORDER NOTICE: Our supplier is out of stock on these studs. The ETA date keeps getting pushed back. We'll ship any orders as soon as we can, but we can't guarantee when. We might be waiting until October 2021 for these. 


This is a set of head studs for IH D166, D188, D236, D282, and D301 engines in IH Farmall Tractors models: 



These studs are 1/2" course thread on one end (the end that threads into the block), and 1/2" fine thread on the other end (for the fine thread nut).
They also have a female hex (allen) drive on the nut end, so the stud can be adjusted to the correct height.
These studs (when torqued to original specs) give far greater clamping ability than bolts, due to the fine thread nuts and the stud dynamics.

Kit Options: 

The D282 and D236 engines had either 7 short /7 long or 5 short/9 long.
If you're not sure yet which you'll need, you can cover your bases and get 7 short/9 long (and then you'll either have 2 long or 2 short left over).

      • Kit A: 7 short/7 long
      • Kit B: 5 short/9 long
      • Kit CYA: 7 short/9 long

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