Head Bolts (Set of 14), IH (Diesel: D166 D188 D236 D282 D301)

Head Bolts
$8.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Product Overview

This is a set of long and short head bolts for for IH D166, D188, D236, D282, and D301 engines in IH Farmall Tractor models:



      • Long Head Bolts (with washers): These bolts are 8" long rather than the original 7 3/4", so a special hard thick washer (included) must be used with these bolts along with the original washers.
      • Short Head Bolts: 6" long

Kit Options:

The D282 and D236 engines had either 7 short /7 long head bolts or 5 short/9 long head bolts.
If you're not sure yet which you'll need, you can cover your bases and get 7 short/9 long (and then you'll either have 2 long bolts or 2 short bolts left over).

      • Kit A: 7 short/7 long
      • Kit B: 5 short/9 long
      • Kit CYA: 7 short/9 long


      • 20% stronger than Grade 8
      • Minimum 180,000 PSI tensile strength
      • Fatigue/vibration-resistant UNJ thread design
      • Exceeds SAE, ASTM and Military Grade 8 strength requirements
      • 20% higher-than-normal wrenching surface for increased safety and even distribution of torque forces
      • Heat-treated, quenched and tempered
      • Perma Plated for superior corrosion protection
      • Proprietary head marking for improved traceability

These are the best replacement head bolts for D188 ,D236, D282, and D301 engines that I have found. I have been using them in my shop for the past 8 years with excellent results. 


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