Bleed the Power Steering Circuit

Posted by Joe Schmitt on 30th Jan 2015

If your tractor 706 through 1466 will not steer because of one of the issues I mentioned in the earlier post, you can bleed or prime the system provided the pump is turning and fluid is able to flow through the filter to the pump.

Proceed as follows: With the tractor engine shut off remove the flow divider orifice plug. It is the 5/8" hex plug on the rear facing surface of the MCV (Multiple Control Valve). It is the bottom most plug that faces the rear axle. Here is a picture of it.

The plug must be removed it does not work to just loosen it. Next cover the hole with a large rag or if you don't care let the oil blow all over.  Now start the tractor but be ready to shut if off when oil blows out the hole. Behind the plug you removed is the flow divider orifice. It has a hole through its center about the size of the filler in a ink pen.The oil will shoot out in a steam that size once the pump primes.  It may take a little while depending on how long since it pumped oil and how easily the oil flows through the filter and condition of the pump. You can run the engine at 2000rpms sometimes you may have to pressurize the transmission with compressed air through the transmission oil fill tube. It may take up to 5 minutes sometimes more. 

Good Luck.


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