Super Duty TA for IH, 3388 3588

3xxx 2+2 TA SUPER
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Product Overview

This is a remanufactured Hydraulic Torque Amplifier with Lower Gear.

This TA comes with a new drive gear, shown in the picture. The sprag clutch is 1" wide compared to .75" in original equipment TA’s.

This unit has 4 drive discs on the direct drive clutch pack versus 3 discs in the originals. It has 3 anti free wheel discs in the low side clutch pack instead of 2 in the original and HD TA's. I have installed over 100 of these TA’s and I’m very impressed with their great service. I also have all the other parts you may need to complete a TA job. I also expect to receive email and or phone call correspondence to help with proper installation.

This item has a $200 core charge included in the price. I will refund $200 after I receive the TA core and your old drive gear shipped in the original box. We can arrange shipping of the core back to us. The shipping cost will be deducted from the Refundable $200.00

I offer shipping discounts on multiple purchases so buy everything you need to do a professional TA job at the same time and the shipping will be very reasonable. Call Joe at 715-495-4932 for more information.

SUPER Duty TA w/ Heavy Duty Sprag, 4 Year Warranty 

Includes 4 Direct Drive & 3 Anti-Freewheel Discs, Upper Gear has 25 Teeth, Lower Gear has 47 Teeth

Fits IH Tractor models:


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