Sleeve Installation Puck, IH D361, DT361, D407, DT407

Sleeve Puck
$10.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Product Overview

This is a Sleeve installation puck for IH 361 & 407 engines.

This dual sided puck aids the installation of dry sleeves in IH D361 & DT361 (on one side) and D407 & DT407 (on the other side).

The sleeve press or pressure needed to install the sleeves on these dry sleeve engines is critical, and therefore it is necessary to use a hydraulic sleeve puller/press to install the sleeve correctly. This puck fits inside the top rim of the sleeve and has a nice solid smooth surface to mount the puller ram on. The puck outside surface will stop the sleeve at the correct sleeve protrusion of .039" for the 361 side and .044" for the 407 side.

This tool is a real time saver and takes all the guess work or measuring out of the sleeve installation process. It has a 1" center hole to accommodate the sleeve puller rod of the OTC puller kit. Email Joe with any questions.

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