Sentry Test Harness, IH 5088 5288 5488

$12.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Product Overview

This is a new Sentry System Test Harness.

This is a TEST harness. It is a test tool NOT A SENTRY REPLACEMENT. It is made to be installed in place of the sentry module FOR TESTING ONLY.  It will tell you if your module is defective. This harness has the potential to damage the transmission if left installed for long periods. I hear from quite a few people that claim that this harness has fixed the sentry system problem on their tractor and continue to operate the tractor with it installed. This is not recommended. The sentry system was designed to not only protect the transmission from incorrect shift pressures but it also controls the the shift. This harness does not protect the transmission.

Fits IH Tractor models:


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