Offset Exhaust Manifold Adapter, IH 460 560 606 660

$8.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Product Overview

This exhaust adapter is designed for use with 366780R1 exhaust pipe.

This is a 2" NPT adapter designed to offset the pipe and steps down the diameter so that the exhaust pipe is in the same place and has the same diameter as a factory exhaust manifold for a 460, 560, 606, 660, 2606 or 3616.

It will fit IH gas tractors:

460 - gas, C221
560 - gas, C263, C282
606 - gas, C263, C282
660 - gas, C263, C282

Without this adapter it will be necessary to cut the hole larger in the hood because the new manifolds have a larger exhaust hole than the original C221 and C263 had. I have new manifolds listed. Call or email before ordering if you aren't sure if you need this adapter. 

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