IH Injector for DT414 , DT436 and DT466 Engines Code (P)

Code (P), 687372C91
$5.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Product Overview

This is a NEW injector for IH engines:


Replaces part #: 687372C91

Injector code (P)

NOTE: Injector code is stamped on the outside of the injector near the top just below the threads.

Used in IH Tractor models:


Also used in IH / Case IH Combine models:



Diesel Injectors for International Harvester/Case IH tractors: Redrunrite

Are you searching for fuel injectors for your vintage International Harvester/Case IH tractors? Look no further! Redrunrite is your most reliable online source for IH replacement parts, and from us, you can buy IH injectors in the USA at very competitive rates. We have a variety of fuel injectors and related parts available on our website under the ‘Diesel Injection Systems and Turbochargers’ section. Explore our wide range of products and get what you need to keep your IH tractor up and running!

Diesel Injectors Available for IH’s Most Makes & Models

We have new diesel injectors available for IH engines, such as the D312, D360, DT361, D407, DT407, D414, D414 Code (A), DT414, DT436, DT 436 Code (B), DT 466 Code (P) engines used in 666, 686, 766, 806, 856, 966, 1026, 1066, 1086, 1206, 1256, 1456, 1466, 1486, 1566, 1586, 3388, 3588, 3688, 3788, 4166, 4186, 4386, 5088, 5288, 5488, 6388, 6588, 6788, Hydro 70, Hydro 86, and Hydro 100 Tractors. Combines supported include 144, 815, 915, 1460, 1480, 1640, 1660 and 1680. Fuel injector related parts available on our website include tube fits, injector pullers, and more.

Before placing an order with us, make sure you check the manufacturer number and codes. To determine the right diesel Injector for your tractor model, look for the “injector code” — usually stamped on the outside of the injector, near the top, just below the threads.

Note: The price of remanufactured fuel injectors also includes a core charge of $20.00, which we REFUND after receiving an acceptable core.

Why Buy IH Parts & Accessories from Redrunrite

Redrunrite has been in the business of rebuilding IH tractor parts for over 30 years. Our rich experience and dedication towards helping IH tractor owners find the right parts for their tractors have helped us build a solid reputation for ourselves in the community. We can provide you with virtually every IH tractor part and component. Also, with our streamlined shipping process, you can expect the delivery of your required parts at the earliest.

Buy IH injectors in the USA from Redrunrite! If you have any queries or looking for an IH part or component that is not available on our website, give us a call today at 715-495-4932, or send an e-mail at schmittfarmserv@wwwt.net. We might be able to arrange it for you!

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