Compressor Conversion Kit York to Sanden Style 766,886,966,986,1066,1086,1466,1486,15661586

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66 86 AC pump conv kit
22.00 LBS
$22.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Product Overview

Air Conditioning compressor conversion kit for 766,886,966,986,1066,1086,1466,1486,1566,1586 Tractors.  Changes from York to Sanden style compressor.  Includes bracket and hardware to bolt on the Sanden compressor to the original mount used for the York Compressor.  Includes a NEW Sanden Compressor and manifold to connect the original Roto Lock fittings used on the York to the Sanden.

The Sanden Compressor comes with 6.5 oz. of 134A PAG 100 oil. 

Note:  If this compressor will be used in a system that may have traces of R12 refrigerant left in the system , the PAG oil should be drained out of the pump and replaced with Ester Oil.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review