A/C Cab Post to Compressor (Suction) Hose Line, IH 786 886 986 1086 1486 1586, Hydro 186

$90.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Product Overview

This is a new A/C Cab Post to Compressor (Suction) Hose Line for IH Tractors. 

Cross reference #s: 109413C1 109413C2

Evaporator end is male O-Ring, flare adapter 8813218 is included with line converts line to male flare.


O-Ring to Flare Adapter
Female Flare Fitting - Steel
O-Ring, Qty. 1

Hose End:  #12 (5/8" I.D.)
Hose Type:  Suction

Fits IH Tractor models:

786 - w/ Flare Fittings, S/N 10591 & Below
886 - w/ Flare Fittings, S/N 14353 & Below
986 - w/ Flare Fittings, S/N 19121 & Below
1086 - w/ Flare Fittings, S/N 34297 & Below
1486 - w/ Flare Fittings, S/N 18585 & Below
1586 - w/ Flare Fittings, S/N 16257 & Below
Hydro 186 - w/ Flare Fittings, S/N 10591 & Below


This hose qualifies as "over-sized" by UPS's standards, and so the the cost of shipping this via UPS is $85 to $95, depending on your address. For customers in certain states in the Midwest, we might be able to ship via Spee-Dee, which is only about $10 or $20 (WI, ND, SD, NE, IA, IL, MN, and a very small section of MO). Spee-Dee is also much faster than UPS. We will choose the cheapest shipping possible, and will refund if you overpay for shipping. If you'd like a customized invoice, feel free to call and place your order over the phone: (715) 495-4932. 

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