2 Piece Manifold with Heat Exchanger, Assembled

$75.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Product Overview

This is a NEW 2 Piece Manifold with Heat Exchanger, Assembled for IH tractors.

Part #s: 367261R1 368550R11 383705R11 384290R2 390988R2

This 2-piece manifold with heat spring eliminates the need to match the flanges of a used manifold to half of a new manifold.

2-1/2" NPT threaded pipe outlet.

If you have a 460, 560, 606, 660, 2606 or 3616, then you need an exhaust adapter. This adapter offsets the exhaust hole to align with the hood of the tractor and also steps down the pipe diameter to 2" NPT.

If you need to adjust the pendulum on the intake manifold, please use a Torx T8 screwdriver or bit.

Please order 383974R2 exhaust pipe (2 1/2" NPT, 2 15/16" Pipe O.D.) unless you have a 460, 560, 606,660, 2606 or 3616.

Exhaust pipe 366780R1 (2" NPT, 2 3/8" Pipe O.D.) is also available.

The gasket set is also available. 

If you have a 656 or 2656, then you can use the 2 1/2” ID exhaust pipe, however the exhaust pipe is not perfectly centered on the exhaust hole in the hood. Also, you need to have the inlet pipe on the muffler expanded to accommodate this larger diameter pipe, or you need to purchase 530578R4 muffler and a 3” muffler clamp.

SHIPPING NOTE: The shipping deposit for this manifold is $75, which is roughly what UPS charges for ground shipping. If the actual shipping charges to your zip code are lower, we will refund the difference. If the actual shipping charges are higher, we will cover it. 

Fits IH gas tractors:

460 - gas, pipe adapter required
560 - gas, pipe adapter required
606 - gas, pipe adapter required
656 - gas, 2.5” exhaust pipe required
660 - gas, pipe adapter required
666 - gas
686 - gas
706 - gas
756 - gas
766 - gas
806 - gas
826 - gas
856 - gas
Hydro 70 - gas
Hydro 86 - gas

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